Our Most Luxurious Firm Mattress Introducing our signature 30cm deep, firm mattress featuring 6000 individually pocketed springs. Made up from a core 2000 full size spring system and layered with 4000 micro springs mapping your body in any sleeping position this mattress provides a supremely comfortable nights sleep.
This extra firm 28cm deep 3000 pocket sprung mattress will contour to every pressure point on your body whilst sleeping. This mattress is excellent for posture alignment, easing back pain, aiding circulation and delivers exceptional comfort night after night.
Kensington 2000 Pocket Mattress with 2000 individually nested pocket springs with layers of luxurious filling to give a truly luxurious nights sleep night after night. There is no compromise when it comes to high quality or comfort with this mattress.
Kensington 1000 is a timeless mattress so much so that we've never changed the recipe. Ample fillings above and below the spring system offers uniform support. It can be turned to use both sides and features 8 vents around the mattress border keeping it's core fresh.