Do the words ‘trouble sleeping’ sound familiar? You have had a long and tiring day at work, at home with the kids, or been busy outside enjoying some hardcore mountain biking. You are looking forward to your beloved bed and falling asleep almost instantaneously as your head hits your pillow.

Fed up of having trouble sleeping?

When you are all tucked up and comfy, the nightmare of not being able to fall asleep or trouble sleeping begins. You think it is because you are over tired, too alert. But then this unwanted state of awakeness lasts for two or three hours and panic begins to set in as you have work in 6 hours and you need to be up in 4 hours but will feel unrefreshed. What do you do?

There are many reasons why people have trouble sleeping at night, but there are several easy steps you can take to aid your ability to fall asleep and wake more refreshed and ready for the day.

Try these tips to fight trouble sleeping:

  • Blackout blinds/curtains - stop bright light
  • Cooler room temperature - better sleep environment
  • Herbal tea before you go to bed - helps you relax and can make you feel sleepy
  • Pillow Spray - containing lavender and other plant essences that aid sleep
  • Don’t use your mobile in bed - try to not use it 20 minutes before going to bed. This will also give you a mental health boost!

Another aid if you have trouble sleeping are pillow sprays. You can spray some on your pillows and to help you be on your way to the perfect amount of REM sleep faster.

Still having trouble sleeping?

If all these methods don’t work for you, you may want to consider the following:

What age is your mattress is a key thing to consider if you are struggling to fall asleep naturally. Did you buy it? What was the price? Did you get it for a specific health issue for your then partner?

A mattress is a key part for healthy sleep and you need to realise, buying the right mattress will be the secret to say goodbye to having trouble sleeping and a more well rested you.

You have the perfect mattress, now finish the new look

A new bed is also important, as a new mattress is only as good as the bed it is on. If your bed is old and showing signs of wear, why not help enhance your sleep further with a new bed frame.

Here at The Furniture Bazaar we don’t sell mattresses but we do offer a wide range of luxurious beds and headboards to suit everyone and their new mattress.

Stop having trouble sleeping and treat yourself to a well deserved perfectly matched bed for you and your new mattress, here at The Furniture Bazaar.