Warm tones, soft textures and homely features… explore the best of Autumn Bedroom Interior

When thinking of autumn, we imagine nights drawing in, staying home, cosy and snuggled up in bed with a hot chocolate.

What colours should we be using this autumn?

The Autumn interior design trends this year are forecasted as rich browns, oranges and reds that are reminiscent of autumn leaves. You could call them “earthy” colours...

Think about conker picking in the woods when you were a child. What colours do you remember from when you were walking in your wellies through the crunchy leaves? In Psychology, brown is thought to give the feeling of warmth, comfort and security. Exactly what we’re all looking for during the autumn months!

Accessories are also a good way to create an Autumnal vibe

Low lighting is a nice way of making your bedroom feel more homely. This could be by adding in a small bedside table lamp or the use of a dimmer switch. You may even prefer to use candles, these come in various scents from woodland to pumpkin and everything in between! If you’re not a fan of scented candles, you also have the option of unscented tealights in a pretty tealight holder. You can even buy some holders which project pretty shadows onto the wall.

You could create a reading space with blankets and cushions. This will help you feel calm and create a tranquil area for getting yourself ready for sleep. Little fairy lights are nice for these areas - just don’t fall asleep into your book!  This area can also be used all year round and colours switched to reflect the time of year. This doesn't have to be expensive. Simply change the blankets, cushions and throws...even change the lampshade. The simplest of things can make a huge difference. Even right down to a pair of fluffy socks and a big fluffy dressing gown.

Make an autumnal upgrade with a bed from Furniture Bazaar

Why not look into upgrading your bedroom to reflect an idyllic, peaceful place to drift off into a gentle slumber in the dark, cold and windy nights. Our beds are ideal for this sort of look with a range of Autumnal colours to choose from. Perhaps you like to look of our new sleigh Chesterfield upholstered bed frame. We have plenty of colours and fabric to choose from - we like the Naples Soft Velvet in Mauve or even a Malia Plush Velvet in Charcoal. You’ll be spoilt for choice! What colour and fabric do you prefer?  Browse our Autumn collection today!

Chesterfield Sleigh Bed