Bed frames come in a variety of designs from traditionally classic looks to more modern concepts. Metal constructions are among the most popular options nowadays when it comes to purchasing a frame. In this blog post, we look at metal bed frames as well as the styles, colours and finishes they come in. We also introduce The Furniture Bazaar’s own collection, which is available on our website.

Florence metal bed frame

Why are metal bed frames popular?

Metal bed frames are popular because they offer a light, airy and fresh feel, with a variety of style, colour and finish options to choose from. In many cases, they are constructed to allow for easy access to the space beneath the bed for storage or cleaning. They are also the perfect way to bring a distinctive look to your bedroom. Whether you want sleek and straight lines or ornate and stylish details, The Furniture Bazaar has the metal frame for you.

Benefits of metal bed frames

Firstly, metal frames are often lighter and cheaper than wooden alternatives.

They also require little in the way of maintenance, as they are both durable and less susceptible to damage from water, bugs or fire.

Metal frames are also highly versatile, available in a variety of designs to complement any bedroom.

They can also withstand any amount of weight, while sometimes including central support, which is especially beneficial for your back and mattress.

Our metal bed frame collection

White Florence metal bed frame

Here, at The Furniture Bazaar, we have a fantastic selection of metal frames in a range of classic and modern styles:

  • Our Florence frame, available in black or white, boasts gracious curves and attractive posts, embellished with crystal finials.
  • The Regency design marries clean, straight lines with delightful curves, available in rich black or stunning ivory.
  • Moderno’s sleek profile and contemporary lines make it the perfect choice for any modern bedroom.
  • Zeta has simple lines complemented by graceful, curved detailing at the head and foot and is available in noble black or versatile white.
  • The Bronte is a romantic English classic frame, which is crafted to meet today’s high standards and comes in an attractive ivory shade.
  • Our Monaco model offers extra special design features, such as pretty flower motifs and attractive finials at the head and foot.

We also offer a bunk bed option with our Metal Midi Sleeper Castle Bunk, which is perfect for your little ones. It has a strong, silver coloured metal frame and a curtain, which encloses a generous play area below the bed.

We are your first-stop shop for all things beds

All our bed frames are available in single, double and king sizes. Furthermore, as we never compromise on quality, our advice will always be focused precisely on your style and comfort needs, while your purchase will be made to the highest standards. Simply put, you can be confident about your shopping experience at The Furniture Bazaar. Check out our website today.