At The Furniture Bazaar, we believe that your master bedroom should combine the utmost in style and comfort. Knowing what bedroom decor ideas are on-trend, however, can lead to sleepless nights. Responding to requests from many of our customers, in this blog, we present our own guide to dressing your master bedroom to impress, including ideas for a summer makeover.

Master Bedroom Decor

Add some drama

When it comes to on-trend bedroom decor ideas, dramatic touches never go out of fashion. The obvious place to start is to view our impressive range of stunningly upholstered headboards, each one guaranteed to make an impact.

Canopies are among the major bedroom trends of 2019, offering an unapologetic injection of romance. If plenty of flouncy fabrics is not for you, don’t fret, as canopies are increasingly available in modern, sleek designs.

We all know that gold adds timeless luxury to any room, provided its use is not garishly excessive. To make a truly bold statement, our recommendation would be to go for a large oval-shaped mirror in an ornate gold-leaf frame. This not only comes with the wow factor, it will also help to reflect more light around your bedroom.

Parisian nights

For many, Parisian chic is the ultimate in classic style and understated luxury. Parisian-inspired bedrooms often start with white-painted walls. This allows you to add sophisticated yet subtly applied touches of colour – for instance, an art gallery poster would be ideal.

Meanwhile, invest in only one striking piece of furniture, in addition to the bed frame itself, which immediately grabs everyone’s attention when entering the room. A French armoire with a minimal look and feel is especially in vogue among popular bedroom styles in 2019. You should also scatter your bed with plump cushions to accentuate the sensation of comfort.

Mix it up

Filling your master bedroom with mismatched furniture is not only on-trend in 2019, it is also a fun way to explore the limits of your own style and creativity. No bedroom decor idea is off the menu, so mix up your headboard, furniture and accessory choices from completely different styles with confidence.

Here comes summer

With summer hopefully on its way, you should already be thinking of how to introduce more natural light into your master bedroom. Install lighter curtains to make the most of the morning sun, as well as expose any hidden shiny surfaces in order to reflect more light around your bedroom. Furthermore, for summer 2019, style experts are recommending bedding, curtains and other decor in a range of white tones and pale colours.

Time for a makeover?

Here, at The Furniture Bazaar, we pride ourselves on being the leading online store for all things beds and headboards. Our products are available in an unparalleled selection of fabrics with extra touches to choose from. So, if this blog has inspired you to transform your master bedroom, check out our website today for more ideas.