King size beds offer the utmost in comfort, providing you and your partner with plenty of space to fully stretch out, together with storage solutions to keep your bedroom free of visual clutter. In this blog post, we focus on these beds and their benefits, as well as discuss why and when a customer should upgrade to one.

Super king size bed

How big is a king size bed?

The Furniture Bazaar sells the full range of UK bed sizes, including king size and super king size beds, available as both traditional and ottoman divan bases. The measurements are given below:

  • King size beds are 5’ wide x 6’6” long (150 cm wide x 200 cm long)
  • Super king size beds are 6’ wide x 6’6” long (or 180 cm wide x 200 cm long)

* Please note: imperial and metric dimensions shown are not precise equivalents; European sizes have different dimensions, even if they have the same name.

Home design experts recommend leaving 30” (76 cm) of space around the bed perimeter (excluding where the headboard meets the wall) to allow for adequate walking room.

Why and when to upgrade to king size?

Here are some reasons why it could be time to upgrade:

  • As the average person moves position in bed up to 70 times a night, being disturbed by you partner is one of the most common reasons for a bad night’s sleep. With a larger bed, you and your partner are less likely to roll into one another. As such, they are especially appropriate for taller people or those with a bigger build.
  • King size beds are perfect for parents of young children who want to climb into bed with them during a stormy night, as neither parent has to give up their own comfort while comforting their children.
  • Having a spacious master bedroom is another reason to upgrade, as the larger bed will be more visually pleasing in a larger environment.
King size bed frame

Maximise your storage options with a king size ottoman bed

Ottoman beds come with a storage area placed underneath the mattress, which is accessed by lifting a hinged mattress frame, either from the front end or the side of the bed. As a discreet hydraulic system is built into the frame, you can gain access to the storage space with minimal effort on your part.

Buying a king size ottoman means you can avoid filling the bedroom with bulky furniture by optimising the space under the mattress to store both large and small items you rarely use.

We are your first-stop shop for all things beds

If you’re not sure if a king size bed is the best choice for you, we at The Furniture Bazaar will be happy to answer any questions you may have. As we never compromise on quality, our advice will always be focused precisely on your style and comfort needs. So, you can be confident about your purchase experience with us.