Quality beds that can transform any bedroom from ordinary to luxury

Creating a luxury bedroom may seem hard at first, but once you discover some of the modern and luxury beds available, it starts to become very easy to know what you want.

A bed is the main focus of any bedroom and you can build a modern looking room just around the theme of the bed. Depending on the colours, you can create a room that suits your standards and blow anyone away when they enter.

Yes, beds are used for sleeping, but they can also be a key decor feature if the interior theme is cohesive. Dark coloured bed frames and headboards can match almost any other colour and wallpaper style. It adds a luxury feel and can give off a premium look. Mix and match complementing accessories to add depth.

Splash some cash on a new floor standing headboard to achieve the highest standard design, as these headboards are handcrafted in quality materials and make it look like a millionaires bedroom. Plush velvet is a great fabric choice for any headboard for its smooth and dense texture. Just looking at them both together will add a touch of luxury to the bedroom and at the end of the day, you can come home to a high-end luxury bed and sleep like a king or queen.

The Furniture Bazaar takes good care in creating the best quality items that will last the test of time. Each product is handcrafted with attention to detail, so you get the best out of your purchase which also includes a 3-year warranty but be sure to check the description for more information on the product.

Colour isn’t the only thing that can make a bedroom better. It can depend on the positioning of the bed and even the make. The Furniture Bazaar has many different quality bed frames to match anyone's personalized style and storage needs, with slick designs to match even the plainest rooms.

  • Simple ways to add luxury to your bedroom
  • Bedding of dreams: Egyptian cotton is one of the best in the world, giving the sensation of sleeping on a cloud through its high thread count.
  • Throws and cushions: Using a throw to personalise your bed, can impact the vibe that you get from the room. Add a pop of colour with rich coloured scatter cushions.
  • Guaranteed sleep with the right pillow: There are many different pillows out there that can give you a good night sleep such as feather down, the most commonly used hotel pillow, so you can get the best night sleep away from your home with added support.
  • White bedding can add a very modern, fresh and clean look to any room. 

How ottoman beds are a secret storage solution that leads to a clearer and more accessible living space 

Ottoman beds benefit a bedroom as the “secret” compartment under the bed, allowing you to keep the important things in view and to hide the clutter aware. An ottoman is the key to a well-presented bedroom.

The finishing touch is to accessorize! Incorporating candles, plants and even additional shelving allow you to show your personal style and enhance the luxury style that you are trying to achieve.

What are your favourite ways to decorating with a hotel-standard edge?