It’s time to invest in a pocket spring mattress!

A pocket sprung mattress is a mattress made with springs and each individual spring is enclosed within its own fabric pocket - the major benefit of this is each spring works independently to support your body and prevent the movement on the mattress. Have you ever found yourself and your partner both in the middle of the mattress in a dip? Pocket springs mattresses are here to eliminate this issue.

Pocket sprung mattresses are suitable for people of all shapes and sizes. This includes circumstances where there is a big difference in size between you and your partner. We no longer have to argue about which type of mattress we want. Pocket sprung mattresses suit everyone.

The Furniture Bazaar offer four different pocket spring mattresses, but what are the differences between these?

Kensington 1000 Mattress with 1000 Pocket Springs and Kensington 2000 Mattress with 2000 Pocket Springs

Our Kensington 1000 and Kensington 2000 mattresses are, a lusciously deep, 27 centimetres high, and with 1000 and 2000 pocket springs are guaranteed to fully support the body to ensure a peaceful nights sleep, night after night.  


Kensington 3000 Mattress With 3000 Pocket Springs

This particular mattress is an extra firm, 28cm deep 3000 pocket sprung mattress, that will contour to every pressure point on your body whilst you sleep. Each of these pockets move independently to the shape of your body line. If you’re looking for a mattress to assist your posture, help with back pain and poor circulation then this is the one you’re looking for.


Kensington 6000 Mattress With 6000 Pocket Springs

The Kensington 6000 is an extra firm, 30 centimetres deep mattress, with an incredible 6000 pocket springs which contours to each and every pressure point on your body whilst you’re in a deep slumber.  

Unlike our other models, this mattress boasts 16 brass air vents that have been built into the 100% Egyptian cotton border, which ensures your mattress is kept fresh each night.

Locally sourced, premium Yorkshire wool fillings are used to give this particular mattress a premium, luxurious look and feel.

So what do all of our mattresses have in common?


Our Kensington mattresses are both classic and timeless and this is exactly why we have never changed the way we manufacture this mattress. With top and bottom fillings, this ensures it can be turned around and both sides can be used. To ensure this mattress is always fresh throughout, we have included 8 vents (16 in the Kensington 6000). The Damask stretch-knit cover wicks away moisture on the body and in turn, this ensures the body temperature is regulated. This is achieved by transferring the moisture to the first layer of the fabric and then rapidly drying it out to ensure sweat doesn’t soak through. In addition to this, the mattress is tufted which means the fillings within the mattress are kept in place.  The 100% Egyptian cotton border helps guard against any allergies.

All of our mattresses are available in 5 sizes: Single, Small Double, Double, King and Super King. They are made to order and handcrafted for strength and quality in Great Britain by only the best mattress specialists and come with handles to ensure easy turning.

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