The peculiar features of Art Deco furniture design are easily identifiable: geometric shapes, clean and repetitive patterns, glamorous materials. In the world of interior design, we have recently seen a massive Art Deco comeback. Many furniture designers, including ours at The Furniture Bazaar, are getting inspired by the geometric patterns of the 1920’s to create new, modern versions of this elegant and distinctive style.

What is Art Deco

This style emerged in the 1920’s, as the Arts Décoratifs. After the Art Nouveau style (also known as The Glasgow Style in the UK), Art Deco furniture made their first noticeable appearance in 1925 in Paris, at the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts (Exposition internationale des arts décoratifs et industriels modernes).

Art Deco was not an individual style of design all on its own, but more of a combination and blending of several styles: the colourfulness of Fauvian, cubism’s geometric shapes, the more exotic styles from the Far East, as well as workmanship seen during the reign of Louis Philippe I & Louis XVI.

Art Deco furniture: it is all about the design

Art Deco furniture designers created this style to highlight the modernism of the period. This is seen also on the high fashion, high society and the perceived opulence and pure luxury of the Roaring Twenties, after enduring the long hard years of the Great War in Europe.

This style was not limited to Art Deco furniture design, but was used in everything from architecture (Empire States Building & The Chrysler Building in New York), home furnishing, lighting & glassware (by the France designer Lalique), and down to dining sets and personal items like clothing, stationery and jewellery.

Prohibition is no more, so live in luxe

At The Furniture Bazaar, we believe in offering all our customers the latest design trends. This is why we now have Art Deco furniture for sale. Our Art Deco headboards, really bring the style into your bedroom, with the beautiful geometric lines and architectural sense of height. Available in a range of colours, the Art Deco headboard designs are covered in the opulently soft fabric of plush velvet.

So bring the atmosphere of the Roaring Twenties into your bedroom. View our luxurious range of Art Deco furniture and imagine yourself in the music hall and release your inner Charleston with the introductory 20% discount - valid only until 31st July 2019!