Is your bedroom missing an accent piece? Find out how you can draw focus to your bed with our range of custom made headboards!

Floor standing, wall mounted or strutted headboards

With our custom made headboards you can choose between three different fittings. Floor standing and strutted headboards are a perfect choice for anyone who is renting a place and doesn’t want to drill holes in the wall to fit a wall mounted headboard. They easily attach to the bed frame with a few screws so you don’t have to worry about plastering your walls once your tenancy ends!

Different materials

Our custom made headboards come in a range of different materials:

  • Linen
  • Chenille
  • Plush, crushed or soft velvet
  • Faux leather

So whichever style you’re going for in your bedroom, whether it’s mid century modern, industrial or farmhouse, our custom made headboards will fit them all. For a mid century modern look choose either linen, plush or soft velvet. Originally mid century furniture used a lot of natural materials such as linen but the comeback of the 60s trend has brought with it the usage of velvet, especially plush and soft velvet. If you’re going for a farmhouse style use materials such as linen and chenille and for an industrial style choose custom made headboards made from linen or faux leather.

Colours, colours, colours

The most important question when planning your custom made headboard is which colour to choose. We offer a variety of different colours for each style, from natural tones to pastels, light and dark colours, everything is present. If your bedroom is following a certain colour scheme make sure you pick the perfect colour to match your custom made headboards to the rest of your interior.

The perfect style for your bedroom

With our chesterfield, upholstered and winged headboards you can choose from a variety of different styles to make sure that your custom made headboards fit to the rest of your furniture. If you’re looking to add a focal piece to your bedroom, have a look through the custom made headboards from our Art Deco Collection.

For more tips, tricks and bedroom inspiration follow our blog and check out our shop to find your perfect custom made headboards.